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Cozy Christmas


Instrumental EP by Hillside Recording & Lianne Steeman

We imagined listeners sitting by the fire on Christmas Eve as they listen to this peaceful instrumental album “Cozy Christmas”. We present a piano solo remake of “The First Noel” and an instrumental remake of “O Holy Night”. We added a new age / neoclassical feel to these well known Christmas carols. Cozy Christmas is our original composition, representing the warm feeling during the holiday season, when we anticipate to being with our loved ones on Christmas.

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Cozy Christmas

Turn Back Time


During our life we make decisions and live the consequences. But only after some time we are able to reflect on the effects of these choices. Have you ever made decisions that you regret, that make you wish that you could turn back time? Or is every decision a necessary building stone to the person we are today? With this song I’m reflecting on some major life choices I’ve made, and even while regretting some of them, I’m proud of the stronger person that came from it.

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Turn Back Time

The First Noel


It’s the time of the year again where we all want to feel cosy. This remake of “The First Noel” is supposed to bring exactly that, feeling warm and safe surrounded by our loved ones. This is a calm neoclassical version with some variations to the main well-known theme. 

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The First Noel Thumbnail

Sail Away


Floating away on the water, peaceful and calm. A felt piano solo that represents drifting off and finding acceptance. This is how I imagine my father felt when he passed away, after bravely fighting cancer for 2,5 years. It also represents my feelings, I feel great calmness by the idea that he is not suffering anymore, mixed with the sadness of missing him. 

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Sail Away



I wrote this peaceful and calm piano solo to say goodbye to my father. He bravely fought against incurable cancer for 2,5 years, and tried his very best to stay around as long as he could. I thank my dad for a beautiful shared piano passion. Coping with his illness was my main fuel to write music, my musical achievements will always be his legacy and my way of feeling him close.

Goodbye dear dad.

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Goodbye Lianne Steeman

Our first EP!

To The Ones

A collaborative instrumental album of 4 songs with Hillside Recording. In this album piano solo meets instrumental, ambient vibes and beautiful vocals. Dedicated to our loved ones, with a specific theme to each song. To the ones “We Cherish”, “We Will Meet” and “We Hold Close”

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To The Ones copy

Special for my 5 year wedding anniversary

Yes I Do

It’s about looking back at all the things you went through as a couple and realizing that it made you stronger. It’s about the unconditional love and support and feeling allowed to be yourself, all things that I’m lucky enough to experience in my marriage!

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2 Yes I Do 2022


This felt piano solo depicts the struggle of the last phase of our lives. It sketches the gravity of the emotions that physical and mental pain give, alternated with hope and lightness, that death will bring relief and peace.

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3 Salvation artwork 2022

On “Feel Good Piano” by Spotify

Inner Peace

Sometimes in life a lot of hard things come across our path at once. It is hard to find peace and calm within ourselves in times like these. This felt piano solo is about searching for that calm feeling of inner peace, finding acceptance and letting go of your worries. To live in the moment and appreciate today.

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4 Inner Peace 2022

Dust to Bloom

“Dust to Bloom” is a song about passing on life through generations. When my father was hospitalized he told me how beautiful he thinks it is that he passed on his life to me and that subsequently I passed on his life to my own daughter. He feels like he will live on through us. It was a beautiful moment to share, which brought me to write this calm, soothing but melancholic piece.

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5 Dust to Bloom Thumb 2022

Minuet in March

Minuet in March is based on the famous classical melody Minuet in G by Christian Petzold. Although, many people think it was written by Bach. It is an emotional and romantic reharmonization and rearrangement that reminds you of spring, trees blossoming and birds chirping.

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3.Cover Art Thumbnail

A Love to Remember

I think we all catch ourselves daydreaming and reminiscing sometimes. This song represents a moment of remembering a warm experience you’ve had with a loved one. The middle part of the song gives a bit of a longing feeling, wanting to relive the moment. When I play this song I imagine my wedding day, as if it is playing in my head like a romantic movie.

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7 A Love to Remember 2022


Have you ever experienced the intense feeling of longing for someone or something that you cannot have? For instance a person you lost, or an impossible love. This is exactly what ‘Saudade’ means. This song represents the feeling of longing for someone to be near you. You’re filled with sadness and loneliness, but simultaneously with love.

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8 Saudade 2022


“Allow yourself to have hopes and dreams”


I started writing this piece a few years ago, when I was doubtful of my purpose. It was at that time I decided instead of becoming a doctor, to follow my piano passion. When my dad fell ill two years later, I revisited the song, as a birthday present. At that time he turned 59 years old, which was thought to be his last birthday. However, another year of precious time was given. For his 60th birthday I rewrote the piece one last time to this final version. “Dream” is a reminder to never lose hope and to always allow yourself to dream. I dreamt of pursuing my piano passion and of more time with my father. And both of those dreams, became reality.

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1 Dream 2021

How do you want to be remembered?

Remember Me

We all want to leave a positive footprint on this earth. This song represents the feeling of being grateful of life and projecting that onto the people around us. Treat people the way you wish to be treated: have a listening ear, show a little respect and be genuine and compassionate. Making a little effort to brighten someones day, even the smallest gesture, can make a huge impact.

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2 Remember Me 2021

It takes courage to say goodbye for good..

Parting Ways

“Parting Ways” captures this feeling of saying goodbye to a loved one, whether it is through loss, a break-up or growing apart. Either way, it leaves you with a longing to be closer to them again one day. My father asked me to play this song on his funeral, and so I did. It was one last moment to share our piano passion together. 

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3 Parting Ways Spotify Thumb 2021

Silver Lining

“Silver Lining” is a representation of the sun breaking through the clouds. Witnessing my father’s illness, taught me one valuable lesson: no matter how awful the situation, there often is a bright side as well. When he was diagnosed with incurable cancer, I was totally heartbroken. But, in his remaining life we had lots of quality time, playing piano together and having meaningful conversations. His disease bonded us even more and I will always hold that in my heart as a beautiful side effect of a horrible but inevitable fate.

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4 Silver Lining 2021

Grandpa’s Lullaby

This sweet lullaby sketches the scene of a little girl laughing and playing with her grandfather. It reminds me of my bond with my own grandfather. He could make me laugh until my stomach hurt. He passed away when I was 13 and his absence is still felt. Remarkably, history repeated itself and another beautiful bond originated between my daughter and my father. The hint of sadness in the song, depicts that this beautiful relationship came to a premature ending. 

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5 Grandpas Lullaby 2021

Let You Go

This piece starts off with grief and sadness. It represents missing the person that you’ve lost. But then, some lovely memories emerge into your head. Leaving you with a sweet and warm feeling. “Let You Go” is like blossom in the spring, it is something beautiful to enjoy, but you know it will not last forever. The ending of this piece encaptures the moment of letting go.

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6 Let You Go 2021

Wandering Thoughts

This piece is a neoclassical Nocturne, inspired by Chopin. “Wandering Thoughts” takes you through the process of thoughts popping up into your head at night, escalating and keeping you awake. A cycle I experienced many times in her life while suffering from insomnia. 

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7 Wandering Thoughts 2021


A piece that starts with sadness underneath the surface and the feeling that tears are breaking through. In the middle section emotions finally emerge and tears start flowing. The piece ends in calmness, representing the relieved feeling after a good cry. The time signature changes in this piece are interesting, it starts and ends in 4/4, with a waltz in the middle section. 

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8 Tears 2021

Close to my Heart

I wrote this emotional piano composition with a mix of both happy and sad feelings. It is about how love can be beautiful and hurtful at once. It is about holding your loved ones close to your heart physically while you can, and psychologically when they are no longer with us. It is the title of my sheet music book. The song is extra special to me, since my father requested me to play it at his funeral, which I did.

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9 Close to my Heart 2021

Pure Elise

As a teenager I always dreamt of modernizing classical music. Pure Elise is my first realization of this dream. It is an ambient remake of the well known Für Elise by Beethoven.

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10 Pure Elise 2021


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